Family constellations
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- I' ve got everything. Why do I feel so unhappy?
- Why do I have arguments again and again
with my sister, brother, partner, parents?
- Why do I repeatedly fall in love
with Mr. of Mrs. Wrong?

Personal issues that persistently bring up self-doubt, self-belief and hesitation within our private lives and in the workplace often owe their origins to a strained relationship, or relationships, usually with the root found within our own families. Untreated, these behaviour patterns often perpetuate their resultant devastation to other family members, sometimes for generations later.

When working in a group, the facilitator selects one of the participants to work on an issue in a family constellation. The facilitator then asks the client for details of the family history. The facilitator may draw a family tree schematic. The client then requests other participants to represent family members or abstractions. The information relating to the people they represent is shared with the representatives on the level of the soul of the family. Standing, the representatives are physically positioned in the room by the client. This is called the initial constellation. This can be considered as an externalisation of the unconscious inner image of the client in relation to the issue.