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  • An amazing facilitator, compassionate and therapeutic. Many thanks. Lots of love and light. - Alison
  • I learned a lot from my family constellation and it has inspired some exploration of corners of my life that I haven’t yet visited. Thank you so much for the work that you do. Love - Tracey
  • Thank you Mia for inviting me into a very powerful process and for leading me into an intense experience which gave me many unexpected insights. This has given me lots of things to process and I’m sure I will be chewing over these insights for a long time to come. Love - Nick
  • The constellation with Mia was very insightful. It opened my awareness to issues in my family I was not aware of. With great care Mia was able to guide the constellation to making a reconciliation which I feel has removed one of the blockages in my relationship with my mother.
    Attending a whole week of constellations has been so rewarding in terms of understanding of all relationships, and seeing how universal patterns play out for all of us, AND crucially that through awareness, recognition of who we are and what really is, we can start to heal pain from the past that stops us enjoying life now. Blessings. - Paul
  • Mia, thanks for opening my vision to different kinds of approach to love, healing and embracing. Your work really touched me and I hope I can use it to heal. - Sofia
  • I am more happy inside, I am more calm inward.
  • I feel more quietness in myself.
  • I feel complete.
  • I feel relieved.
  • I got inner joy and my self-confidence is growing. I feel more positive about my self than I used to do.
  • I am finally glad to be alive.
  • I am no longer afraid of dying. I now know that I lived my life, that I have done something with my life.
  • The constellation has an enormous effect on me. I feel as if finally my whole body can relax. I wake up in the morning and I feel completely different, so light and happy, as if a Mount Everest fell off my shoulders. I don’t need so much discipline any more but I am eager to study. Thanks for your great loving dedication.
  • When you work, you create an environment/atmosphere that I feel is a curious combination of creative studio and cosy nest.
  • It feels like problems are solved at a fundamental level.
  • I am grateful every time again that I am allowed to share in this magic event where you use your intuition so beautifully. I am amazed by the way you always decide rightly.

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